Water, the exhibition


Joy Latour Gineau

Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator

Chargée des expositions itinérantes

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Virginie LAURENT

Exhibitions and Roaming Head Manager

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Follow water on its surprising journey!


Water the exhibition” is an original production from the Toulouse Natural History Museum. The project was developed in the framework of the French World Water Forum.

The exhibition deals with WATER in all of its states and its universal nature; everybody’s water and water for everyone. It is organised into three separate parts: Water & Life, Water & Man, Water & Societies.

The exhibition is made up of modules so it can be adapted to all types of venues and can be presented in spaces of between 150 m² and 250 m², either grouped together as one single display or split between two or three separate spaces.

This is an interactive exhibition which invites the public on a walk of discovery, following the current alongside a diverse range of materials and tools offering models, casts, specimens, audiovisual aids and interactive experiences, etc.

Water, the Exhibition” is an exhibition aimed at the general public, but is particularly well-adapted to young people, school children and families.


Past Venues :

  • Hanoï, Vietnam

  • Swedish Museum of Naturel History, Stockolm

  • Pavillon de l'eau, Paris

  • Musée EDF Electropolis, Mulhouse (France)


Now Touring : Aquarium de la Porte Dorée - Paris from Octobre 18th 2018 to 2019

Available in february 2020.



Audience: Families and school visitors

Surface area: 150/200 sq. m. with Water from Above 300sq. m.

Languages: Bilingual (French and English). Possible adaptation to another language.

Rental fees and conditions: Please contact us

Exhibition Brochure

Crédits Photos : Anne Volery EPPPD - Paris