Our travelling exhibitions


Joy Gineau Latour

Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator

Chargée des expositions itinérantes

Tel.: + 33 (0)5 31 22 90 52



Virginie LAURENT

Exhibitions and Roaming Head Manager

Responsable des expositions et itinérances

Tel.: +33 (0)5 62 27 45 46



Our travelling exhibitions




WATER, THE EXHIBITION 150 to 200 square meters, with WATER SEEN FROM ABOVE 300 square meters

Playing with mock-ups, mouldings and interactive multimedia, the exhibition alludes to the water in the constitution of life and in the organization of our societies.

It can be completed with "Water seen from above", which explores the role of satellites in the using of this resource.




BABY ANIMALS 450 square meters

Specially adapted for young children, this exhibition introduces 73 species of baby animals, with specimens and interactives based on our five senses.








PREHISTORY, THE INVESTIGATION 150 to 300 square meters

This exhibition is presented as an investigation about a prehistoric burial. It initiates visitors into the historical and archeological research.








BEARS, MYTHS AND REALITIES 150 to 250 square meters

Exploring the bear through the Culture, Nature and Society themes, the exhibition questions the visitor's relationship with this animal, seen as a teddy bear by our children as well as a dangerous beast in our mountains.





WATER SEEN FROM ABOVE 100 to 120 sq. m. with WATER, THE EXHIBITION 300 sq. m.

En partenariat avec la Cité de l'Espace, le Muséum de Toulouse vous propose de découvrir le rôle des satellites dans la gestion de l'eau sur Terre. 

Grâce à une continuité scénographique, l'exposition « Eau du Haut » est compilable avec « Eau, l'expo » qui explore le rôle de l'eau dans la constitution de la vie et de nos sociétés. »