Bears, myths and realities


Joy Latour Gineau

Travelling Exhibitions Coordinator

Chargée des expositions itinérantes

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Virginie LAURENT

Exhibitions and Roaming Head Manager

Responsable des expositions et itinérances

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The fascinating story of a mythical animal!

All animals have a history, but that of the bear is particularly powerful and touches all the populations of the Northern hemisphere that live alongside him. Bear stories, fairy tales, legends and myths circulate from Japan to North America, passing through the Pyrenees or the Eastern European countries. The imagination surrounding the bear is vivid and occasionally contradictory.

The exhibition highlights the complex perception that Man has of the bear and will invite the visitor to question this relationship.

Organised around several themes – culture, nature and societies – this exhibition will be the occasion to create an inventory of our relationship with the bear through the myth that we have created of it and the scientific reality that is imposed on us in an objective way: neither gloomy nor cheerful, but fair.

The visitor will discover the bear’s natural environment alongside its biological characteristics, diet, distribution and reproduction and hibernation cycles, etc.


Past Venues :

  • Museum d'histoire naturelle de Bourges (France)
  • Maison de la Vallée d'Eyne (France)
  • Version adaptée (700m2), Museum National d'histoire naturelle de Paris



Audience: Families and school visitors

Surface area: 150/250 sq. m.

Languages: Bilingual (French and Spanish). Possible adaptation to another language.

Rental fees and conditions: Please contact us.

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